Special Report – Charles Walker MP dissects the BNP

“The BNP support base will be eroded if the three main political parties start addressing the public’s growing concerns about increasing levels of immigration and the impact that this is having on the allocation of public resources and structure of existing communities. In tackling these concerns, politicians must not be drawn into “bidding” for the BNP vote. We must trust that reasoned arguments supported by demonstrable action to restore confidence in the system will persuade the “soft” 80% of the BNP vote to return to the mainstream while reluctantly accepting that the “hardcore” 20% is beyond the reach of decent and principled political parties. 


 “Ultimately, Nick Griffin and his friends will fail because the British public will never be able to square the BNP’s hateful and destructive rhetoric with its professed desire to serve an electorate which on almost every count is despises; a massive and insurmountable contradiction.”

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