SPECIAL REPORT – Peter Bone MP calls for “radical” NHS reform


“It is clear that the National Health Service is not working. Patients are not getting the treatment they require when they require it. The NHS is not free at the point of use, demonstrated by dental fees, opticians’ prices and private operations if the NHS can’t deliver.  

It is time to get rid of this Stalinist system and provide everybody in this country with access to the same level of high-quality health care, when they need it at no huge additional cost.

The way forward is compulsory insurance. It is up to the Conservative Party to think innovatively and radically about a health shake-up that will benefit all. People want immediate, good quality health care. They don’t care where it comes from or who provides it. When they are ill they want to be treated quickly and efficiently with the best possible drugs and techniques.

If the Conservative Party believes in a smaller state, lower taxes and better public services then a compulsory insurance system wil provide this and bring this country’s health service into the 21st Century.”

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