Vouchers for poor families are the way forward for our schools, say Edward Leigh and Chris Woodhead


“The recent debate over academic selection has unhelpfully distracted attention from the really important challenges facing public policy makers; how to improve the performance of the 3221 secondary schools that are not grammars and all the 17,642 primary schools across Britain. Whatever one thinks about grammar schools – and the authors of this pamphlet like them by the way – David Willetts’ bigger and better point about the need to focus on the many schools, not the few, has been lost in the ensuing row over one part of his speech…

So let’s move on from a sterile debate about whether we build a handful more grammar schools, to a productive discussion about the straightforward steps that might make a significant difference to the educational opportunities of millions of children.”

To read the full paper click here and to comment click on the comments section in the title bar above.


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