Thought for the day. June 22. Enforce the law against female circumcision. By David Davies MP

Female circumcision  is a barbaric practice which involves the removal, usually with non-sterilised equipment and no anaesthetic, of parts of the genitalia of young girls.

 It is common amongst members of certain communities originating from parts of Africa and some Gulf states, and it is believed that thousands of young girls living in Britain are victims of this abhorrent practice.
A few years ago, Parliament decided to pass a law to prevent British girls from being subject to female circumcision either here or abroad. Lots of MPs made worthy speeches condemning the practice and eventually a law was passed which would have any men who arranged for their daughters to be abused in this fashion to be imprisoned.

 Unfortunately nothing else was done. I have asked the Metropolitan Police how many people they have investigated or prosecuted for this offence and they are refusing to say, citing privacy reasons.

I have pointed out that I do not want names and addresses just numbers, but still they refuse. Informally, I am told that the Met have investigated a tiny number of cases, and that nobody has been prosecuted let alone imprisoned.
Once again political correctness has ensured that a cover-up is taking place. Most right-thinking people would agree that carving up the genitalia of a young girls with a filthy razor is an unpleasant thing to do. But actually to do anything to stop it might upset thousands of members of minority groups in Britain, who would shout “racism”. So we pass a law, do absolutely nothing and make it as difficult as possible for anyone, including MPs, to find out the truth.

Among other things, our commitment to supporting diversity means turning a blind eye to forced marriages, not doing enough to prevent honour killings, ignoring female genital mutilation and allowing the benefits system to support polygamy.
When are we going to have the self confidence to say to minority communities, that we believe that Western cultural values are rather better than those that pertain elsewhere in the world, and that anyone who comes here should respect them or go home?

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