Thought for the day. June 27. Cameron is right to stand up to Europe. By Peter Bone MP

Well let’s start at the beginning; or is it the end? Let’s hope that Gordon
Brown proves to be an exceptionally good and talented Prime Minister. The
nation is calling out for a good leader. Unfortunately, going by past
experience, there is little likelihood of this happening.

He doesn’t start very well, as he does it on the back of a lie. In the 2005
General Election, Labour had one clear message: if Labour was returned, Tony
Blair would serve a full term. After only two years in office and with still
three years of the Parliament to go, the Prime Minister is standing down.
Not because of illness, not because of a defeat in the House of Commons but
just because it suits him. A clear breach of Labour’s promise at the last
election. Unless Gordon Brown has the courage and integrity to call an
immediate General Election we can only expect more of Labour’s lies and

Now to the defection. Quentin Davies is now a Labour Member of Parliament.
Yes, yes, I know you don’t know who he is. And yes I did have to look his
name up to make sure I spelt it correctly.

Still it did confirm one thing. Reading his rambling 18-page back and front resignation letter, only one thing was clear. He hated David Cameron’s Eurosceptic approach to Europe. He hated the idea of letting the people decide on the future of the European
Union. He recognised that Gordon Brown and Labour were the party of the
European superstate.

Of course he’s right on all counts. David Cameron has shown that he is very opposed to the European state, wants a referendum, and wants to bring powers back to Britain.

Mr Davies’s resignation from the Conservatives is good news for us and bad
news for Labour.


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