Thought for the day. June 28th. Tough border controls will curb sex trafficking. By Peter Bone MP

Peter Bone MP

Like many I’m sick and tired of the media’s nauseating Brown/Blair love-in, so this is going to be a Brown/Blair-free zone today.

One of the most appalling crimes that this Government is keeping under the political radar is the trafficking of human beings especially women and young girls for the purposes of sexual exploitation.

It is clear that this sex slavery is rampant in the UK today. Similar to the transatlantic slave trade of over 200 years ago, the “slaves” are brought over and sold for prices such as £4, 500 and £5, 000. The “owners” of today almost always have no concern for the women’s or children’s welfare, with beatings, threats and abuse common. Due to slavery being illegal, ownership is obtained through different means, physical violence, threats against families and the seizing of documents – making it hard for the victim to go to the police without the fear of deportation. They are brought to the country in a variety of ways, sometimes – as with the slaves of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries – after being kidnapped from their homelands.

 However the much more common method of recruiting women for sexual exploitation includes deception by promises of legitimate employment in the UK or elsewhere for instance to be a waitress or hairdresser; or deception through half truths such as employment in “dancing” or “the entertainment industry”.

Earlier this year in the House of Commons at a meeting of the All Party Group on Human Trafficking a fourteen year old black girl told of her experience of immigration. She was flown into this country from Kenya. She was accompanied by a middle aged white man who was not a relative. She travelled on a passport which was not her own and which did not have her photo in it. She was told by the white man not to say anything at Immigration Control. The middle aged white man and the fourteen year old black girl with a false passport were waved through immigration without any questions or checks.

It is very difficult to resolve the situation when the trafficked human beings are already in the UK. What we need are proper border controls, proper checks on immigration and proper border police. There needs to be a really tough control on immigration and one of the most important reasons for this is to end this vile trade.

If you make it difficult to enter this country then the criminal gangs will have to go elsewhere.


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