Thought for the day. July 6th. Brown lets down childrern and families. By Brian Binley MP

Yesterday I wrote about how Gordon Brown’s tax credits scheme has hurt the very families it is meant to help. Now a report by Public Accounts Committee shows that child support reforms put in place under Gordon Brown’s Chancellorship are failing families.

The Committee, chaired by Cornerstone’s Edward Leigh MP, has been highly critical of the Child Support Agency reforms and highlighted the following facts:

The CSA is spending 70p on administering every £1 of maintenance it collects.

There are 247,000 cases where absent parents had not paid any maintenance yet just 19,000 of them were being dealt with by the CSA’s enforcement officers.

Under the old system 50% of absent parents paid maintenance in full whilst under the new system, instituted in 2003, only 30% of absent parents paid maintenance in full.

Edward said the Agency was not ‘fit for purpose.’


Yet we were told in 2003 that CSA reforms would make child support collections more efficient and get more money into the hands of those families struggling to support children due to an absentee parent. Instead more cases are backlogged and more families are losing money than under the old system. And taxpayers have already paid £539 million for the pleasure of denying families the support they need.

Too many families are suffering because of failed Labour policies put into place by the former Chancellor and the situation was summed up by Edward Leigh, who said ‘The reform of the Child Support Agency has been one of the greatest public administration disasters of recent times.’

What a Chancellor. What an Administrator.

During the last week I have highlighted how Chancellor Brown oversaw the growth of the dependent society, undermined stable families by his ludicrously inefficient tax credit system, totally misunderstood the needs of small business development and increased taxes in that sector, decimated what was considered to be the best pension structure in Europe and finally failed families by overseeing a totally disastrous reorganisation of the CSA.

Is this really a Chancellor with the pedigree to become Prime Minister? To my mind the answer is no and the Conservative Party should highlight his disastrous record on every occasion.


Brian Binley MP


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