Thought for the day. July 12th. Cameron exposes Labour’s bias against marriage. By Julian Brazier MP

David Cameron this week drew a clear dividing line between the Conservatives and Labour. He did this by backing the Tories commitment to the institution of marriage, when Ian Duncan-Smith’s think tank proposed a transferable tax allowance for married couples. If the public had been crying out for some choice, then yesterday they got it.

IDS’s call for the “biggest shake-up of the welfare system of the 1940s” has sent ripples through Westminster and the media.  The Sun claimed that the proposals, “had to be a good thing”, referring to the £3.2 billion proposed tax break. Financially this may sound a lot but it is nothing compared to the cost of the breakdown of the family – £102 billion.


The proposals send a message to the general public, that the Conservatives believe that marriage is the foundation of society. No surprise that Labour opposed it. Their anti-marriage bias has negatively contributed to increased drug abuse, increased poverty, declining education standards and soaring debt.

Under Labour married couples are penalised for making a commitment to each other, in the form of Gordon Brown’s wasteful tax credit system which penalises two parent families. Cameron is taking the Party where Brown cannot tread.


Julian Brazier MP

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