Thought for the day. 11th September. Red tape needs to go to save British business. By Brian Binley MP

Britain’s future wellbeing depends entirely upon the wealth producing sector’s ability to compete in the new Global age.

 And yet we continue to burden the sector with ever more regulation.

 We need to free up business, not shackle it with unnecessary cost, yet the British Chamber of Commerce estimates that an extra £55.6 billion was levied by additional regulation over the last ten years. >

And 75% of that extra regulation came from the EU.

Yet this Government is not content to simply accept EU regulations irrespective of their usefulness – they actually add to it.

The Foreign Policy Centre tells us that 63% of the sets of EU regulations they reviewed had been gold-plated by the Labour Government.”>

So much for Gordon Brown’s boast of being business friendly. Labour never has been nor can be. They simply don’t understand the sector.

 But what should the next Conservative Government do?

 It’s simple really. We should end gold-plating immediately and have the courage to reject any new regulations emanating from which harm and further burdens our ability to compete.

 And if that means a showdown with the EU so be it. Our nation’s future well-being is much more important than propping up an outmoded institution whose protective instincts ill equip it to face the Global challenge of the 21 st century.


Brian Binley MP


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