Thought for the day. September 13th. No NHS improvements. By Brian Binley MP

So what we always thought has now been given real substance.

 Gordon Brown literally threw money at the NHS because he believed, like every other socialist of his ilk, that if you piled enough money into a centrally controlled Government organisation, improvements would follow automatically.

 Who said socialism was dead and buried. It is alive and well and living in Gordon Brown’s head.

And isn’t it ironic that the man who, in 2001, gave him the independent justification to waste so much of our money – Sir Derek Wanless – would be the self same man who would so dramatically burst his bubble just six years later.

We now know that the extra £43 billion spent on the NHS in the last five years – most of which was used to increase pay – has failed to deliver any substantial benefits whatsoever.

And Gordon’s new GP contracts are a good example, giving as they did an average pay increase of 25% whilst producing a massive fall in productivity of 15%.

What a way to run a business.

Even more frightening is the revelation that £161 billion pa l be needed to fund the NHS in just fifteen years if efficiency doesn’t improve dramatically. So why did Comrade Brown’s plan go so wrong.

Because, like most old time socialists, he believed that all you had to do, once a problem had been identified, was to set centrally controlled targets and provide more money – masses of it in the case of the NHS.

It’s exactly the same thinking which caused the downfall of the Communist Empire just 20 years ago.

Conservatives now have a wonderful opportunity to totally discredit Gordon Brown and this Labour Government.

We simply need a little courage and a belief in the age old Conservative values of good business management, devolved decision-making, placing trust in professionals and restoring power to the customer.

Oh. And we need to robustly and repeatedly kick Gordon Brown where it hurts most – right in the middle of his abysmal record.


Brian Binley MP


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