Thought for the day. September 14th. Need for change. By Brian Binley MP

Gordon Brown’s record as Chancellor has been abysmal. He has ruined our private pensions sector, overburdened our wealth-producing sector, cocked up his much vaunted family credit scheme, sizeably increased the tax base – especially for the poor – the list goes on.

But where does all that leave George Osborne.

George has constantly stated that he will stick to Labour’s spending plans for the first three years of a new Parliament when he becomes Chancellor.

Not a great incentive to change Governments you might think!

But isn’t there a deeper question?

What if the present credit difficulties facing international financial institutions turns out to be more than a blip? What if we face a period of lower growth? What does that mean for a country with high levels of personal debt?

More importantly what does it mean for a nation that has increased public spending sizeably and on the way employed an extra 800,000 public servants, yet failed to achieve the much promised results.

Shouldn’t we be arguing it is not about an ever more bloated state sector? It is really about a leaner, more enabling, more efficient one.

Shouldn’t Conservatives be making that case anyway?

Am I wrong in thinking that it is time for a new approach based on traditional Conservative values? Am I wrong in thinking that is the real challenge facing our party and the nation?

Come on George. I know you have it in you!


Brian Binley MP


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