As good as it gets. By Nadine Dorries MP

We are all on the edge of our seats, and have been for some time. Surely it is inconceivable that the PM would not now call an autumn election. 

Knowing him as we do, circumstances are probably not quite perfect enough.  

Troublesome foot and mouth, irksome Alex Salmond stirring up   trouble in Scotland, and his poll lead is ONLY 6 per cent ahead of the Tories, not nearly as much as he would like. He knows, however, that when his government is sitting on the present social and financial time bomb, this is as good as it gets. 

The British public are showing an immense amount of goodwill towards the new PM. 

The fact that he has not declared any intention to call a referendum on the proposed EU constitution (not officially, but a rose by any other name) appears not even to have even filtered through the ether of the public’s sub-consciousness.  

The sight of queues outside Northern Rock, a British bank where British people queued for hours, with raffle ticket numbers to draw out their savings, rattled no one. 

The public sector strikes beginning to disrupt people’s day to day lives have inflamed and incensed people to a response of “whatever”. 

As teenage gun crime rockets and we witnessed the shooting of an eleven year old boy through the neck on a middle class estate, the nation weeps – silently. 

Our students drop out of university because they can’t find the essential work they need in order to be able to eat, because the jobs students depend on have been taken by eastern Europeans, sleeping eight to a room; and yet the public don’t appear to have noticed.  

And still the people smile benevolently on Gordon through the hazy polls. 

He will go for an autumn election. He will say to the people trust me – I will keep you safe, I will make  you well, I will educate your children, I am British through and through, you will prosper with me.  

Trust me – judge me? Trust me I’m already a Prime Minister. 

The election will be about Gordon the man, the very nice man. Everything that is wrong with society today, the ever widening gap between rich and poor. Out of control rates of inward immigration, a crumbling NHS, closing hospitals, a mismanaged war in Iraq, social breakdown on a massive scale, the pensions crisis, and junior doctors fiasco, all this, will be the fault of Tony, not Gordon. 

Gordon, now that he finally has the key to Number 10, will make it all better. Trust him. 

If he waits even six months it will be an entirely different scenario. 

He will be asking the people to judge him on his record, and that record will have to be justified. Having served six months as a prime minister he will no longer be able to draw a line under the past mistakes of New Labour, they will all merge into his own record. Judge me? Not such an easy one to pull off. Not when, as we all know could be the case, things will be worse, not better as Tony promised. 

If he waits, he will be taking a bigger risk than if he goes now. Trust me? Judge me? It’s obvious which is the easier sell. He will go.


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