Fight or flee? By Nadine Dorries MP

nadine-dorries-mp-black-and-white1.JPGIt’s hard to understand who could have been at the Labour party conference over the last few days, because, by all accounts MPs and activists in marginal seats have been out canvassing. The Labour MP for Bedford was actively canvassing on Wednesday night. I was informed of this activity by a very good source, who was hiding behind the sofa, in order to avoid opening the door at the time.  

His majority is 2,222. He certainly wasn’t canvassing because an election is six months away that’s for sure.

 I am worried.  I have worked my socks off since I became the MP for Mid Beds. I and my staff could have done no more than we have, and so, it isn’t my seat I am concerned about. If the people think I haven’t been good enough then it’s a democracy and they will let me know at the ballot box. 

It is the future of the country I love which worries me, and the fact that every other constituent I meet is talking about moving abroad. They tell me things like they don’t recognise this country anymore. Taxation is too high; the rate of crime is too high; they don’t feel safe; people don’t talk to strangers anymore; and the place suddenly seems very crowded and way too small. 

Everyone wants to get away. People feel as though they are suffocating. There is no quiet anywhere. Have you tried to be quiet? Have you tried to find a place or a room where there is complete silence? It’s hard, for many, impossible. 

I am beginning to realise how much the country has changed over recent years and I sometimes feel like I want to go away also.  

Fight or flee? 

I’m a fighter and so I will carry on, but who or what will be left to fight for, if things continue as they are? If the government gets its way and builds thousands of  homes on our untouched land across the UK, won’t that just deprive everyone of another little bit of quiet space making what’s left that much more congested? 

How many people do you know who are totally happy and content? The number gets smaller by the day for me. 

 The Spectator has changed its Coffee House banner, and I don’t like it! The old one was just so much nicer. Matthew, what are you doing? You should be changing the magazine banner to match the Coffee House, not the other way round.   


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