Abortion: Do women not deserve a better deal? by Nadine Dorries MP

nadine-dorries-mp-black-and-white1_thumbnail2.jpgOn Tuesday I am chairing an abortion fringe meeting.

Given that 69% of the public agree that the upper limit at which abortion takes place should be reduced, the time has now come to make the scientific case.

There is no shortage of evidence to back up the call reduce the upper limit, the problem is, as always , condensing the research and evidence into bite sized chunks that the general public can chew on.

In addition to this the public are, through no fault of their own, ignorant as to what a late abortion actually involves.

Call me gory, but I think it should be told as it is.

Doctors don’t like performing late abortions and therefore Royal College guidelines art that if a doctor is to perform an abortion on a foetus at
between 20 and 24 weeks gestation, he must first perform foeticide.

This involves injecting the foetus with a lethal injection into the foetal heart through the abdominal wall of the mother. Then, when the Dr is sure the foetus is dead, delivery Takes place up to 48 hours later.

This procedure is performed to ensure that the foetus is not delivered alive, and stand a chance of life.

I think this is a fact the public need to be told over and over again. Just what kind of society do we live in? Is it one which carries out barbaric acts or one which values life?

Research tells us that women who have abortions can experience mental health problems up to thirty years later and the women themselves tell us how the decision to abort is never taken without coercion from either a boyfriend, parent or involved other.

In an era of post feminism, do women not deserve a better deal than this?

If we don’t have a general election in October, another war will wage in Westminster. On one side will be MPs like myself who think that after 40 years it’s time to accept that science has moved on and its time to reduce the upper limit. On the other side will be the pro choice lobby who want to see abortion made more freely available. When faced with this lobby which includes organisations such as Bpas, you have to ask why? Could the fact that they carry out almost half of all the abortions which take place have anything to do with it?


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