What do Sir Andrew Green and Swampy have in common? By David Davies MP

david-pmqs-1710-closeup-resized.jpgThe taboo about any discussion of immigration is slowly being lifted. At long last British people, of every race and religion, are feeling freer to speak out about the extraordinary changes which mass immigration is causing to take place within our country.


Teachers and parents have questioned the fairness of British children being taught in schools where a majority don’t speak English. Doctors and nurses have pointed to the flagrant abuse of our health service by foreign nationals.


Labour Ministers have belatedly woken up to the fact that their support for multiculturalism has prevented immigrants from integrating and created ghettos in some inner cities.


Even left wing labour MPs are now making noises about the impact which mass immigration is having on wages, particularly for unskilled workers who find themselves being undercut by recent arrivals.


One usually vocal group which has thus far been uncharacteristically silent has been the environmental lobby. This should not be so. Millions of people have arrived on Britain’s shores over the last 10 years and millions more are on their way. They will want houses to live in; cars, and roads to drive them on. They will be need electricity, and with fewer nuclear power stations this will be generated mainly by greenhouse gas emitting technology.


Those going to the south east of England (the majority) will want access to dwindling supplies of water which will eventually have to be supplied by building giant dams and reservoirs elsewhere in the country.


The environmentalists will be on hand to campaign against individual projects. There will be sit-ins petitions and demonstrations to protest about a bypass here, a power station there, and housing estates the size of large towns being built on a Greenfield sites. But it is time the green lobby looked at the bigger picture and realised that many of the schemes, which they so vehemently decry, would not be necessary if the population were to remain stable.


Who knows, perhaps sometime soon we will be able to look forward to a joint press conference starring Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, professional anti-motorway protestor Swampy, and Sir Andrew Green of Migrationwatch to call for a halt to mass immigration in order to protect our environment from unsustainable overcrowding.


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