A world gone mad – David Davies MP

david-pmqs-1710-closeup-resized.jpgYou might have thought that not speaking single word of the English language would be a barrier to gaining a British driving licence, but of course you would be wrong.


The DVLA, who recently spent thousands of pounds celebrating Chinese New Year have decided that the ability to speak English is irrelevance when it comes to driving here.


Those who take the theory test can therefore choose to take it in one of up to 20 different languages. And the practical test? No problem. You can take an interpreter with you in the car who sits in the back translating instructions from the examiner and probably adding reminders to indicate or stop at red lights.


It would be interesting to know how many fatal road accidents take place each year involving foreign nationals with or without British licences.


I have been reliably informed that the numbers are very high, but despite all the ethnic monitoring which take place these days it is impossible to get any official figures. However it is not unreasonable to assume that someone arriving here from the other side of the world unable to speak a word of English might face problems driving on our roads. The idea that they can, with the support of the DVLA, obtain a full British drivers licence without so much as learning a single word of English is beyond belief.


As far as the government and the agency charged with issuing licenses is concerned it is a case of turning left, left, and left again then going completely around the bend.


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