A gray speech by Brown shows Government’s lack of vision – by Philip Davies MP

portrait-philipdavies1.jpgThe contents of the Queen’s Speech were well known in advance but the debate which followed saw the latest bout between Gordon Brown and David Cameron.  Is it me or is Gordon Brown acting more and more like the Leader of the Opposition and treating David Cameron as the Prime Minister.  Brown just keeps asking Cameron questions which seems quite telling when today should be all about him and his Government setting out their own programme.  I am not sure there has ever been a Government in history which has run out of steam as quickly as this one.  It clearly has nothing at all to say or do; its only purpose seems to be to just cling on to power for the sake of it.


Brown clearly believes that housing is an issue where the Government can score points; and he believes that by saying his Government will build 3 million houses between now and 2020 he can portray his Party as being on the side of aspiration.  Equally he feels that anybody who argues against this can be portrayed as opposing young people the chance to get on the housing ladder (note more spin from Brown).  Brown is wrong about this and in boxing parlance is leading with his chin on this issue as I will try to demonstrate.


You may recall that at the Labour conference Brown announced a programme of “British jobs for British workers” – a BNP slogan (Labour and the BNP are both after all Socialist Parties) which Brown thought would play well in The Sun but knew he couldn’t and wouldn’t deliver.  David Cameron effectively ripped this apart.  Brown has therefore sensibly avoided stating explicitly a new slogan which he tries to imply of “British Houses for British families”.


The reason he won’t use this slogan is because of the huge number of houses which will be needed to deal with future immigrants coming into the country.  On the issue of housing Labour only looks at the supply side of housing (building more houses and concreting all over the countryside); they never look at the demand side.  The Government has conceded that of the 3 million houses they are to build before 2020 over 1 million will be needed for future immigrants – yes future immigration into the country!  So the reason for over a third of these new houses is simply because the Government has lost control of immigration into the country.


That is why Brown is leading with his chin on this issue of houses.  So when the Government build more houses in your village, in nearby gardens, on flood plains, on green belt land and elsewhere it is not simply to provide housing for young people to get on the housing ladder, it is also to cover up their shameful mismanagement of our immigration system.  Don’t let them forget it!

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