Brown is singing the old tune of New Labour spin – by Peter Bone MP

portrait-bone3.jpgAt another of his failed performances at Prime Minister’s Questions today, Gordon Brown confirmed that spin was well and truly alive in his Government.

The debacle over allowing 5000 illegal immigrants to work for the security service and then the long hush-up confirms that nothing has changed within the Labour circle of spin since the departure of Tony Blair.

Why couldn’t the Prime Minister answer the simple question from David Cameron on when he knew about this?

When I last wrote for the Cornerstone web site, back in June, Gordon Brown was just taking up the reigns of the country. I wrote then that:

‘Let’s hope that Gordon Brown proves to be an exceptionally good and talented Prime Minister. The nation is calling out for a good leader. Unfortunately, going by past
experience, there is little likelihood of this happening.’

Not only has Gordon Brown proved me right on several occasions since June, he has surpassed my expectations of being just like Blair in spin and just like Blair in substance.

When is this Government going to realise that creating spin and misleading the public is not the way to run a country? The ridiculous way that Brown continued to let the prospect of a general election run and run, and now this cover up of a huge breach of security shows exactly what we can expect from Brown’s new Labour.

Unfortunately for Gordon, he is also completely lacking in presentation skills – the one thing that made Tony Blair last so long at Number 10.

Things are really not looking good for Britain’s PM.


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