Labour fails in first topical debate – by Peter Bone MP

portrait-bone5.jpgParliamentary history was made yesterday when MPs took part in the first topical debate in the House of Commons Chamber. Members of Parliament can apply for a topical debate each week to discuss issues of current regional, national or international importance.

How apt that the first of these debates was on immigration. Figures released recently from the Office of National Statistics suggests that on current trends, the UK’s population of 60.6 million today, will rise to over 71 million by 2031. Immigration is the biggest factor in our population increase which is already putting a huge strain on our public services.

To try and shove the blame onto anyone else other than the Government, the Immigration Minister consistently tried to pick holes in Conservative Party Policy rather than discuss what the Government would do to sort out the complete mess of uncontrolled immigration and migration into the UK.

When is the Government going to face up to the problem we have in this country and actually do something about it? It is no good passing blame or making up excuses.

In my area in north Northamptonshire, 52,000 new homes are going to be built in the next few years which equates to a 50%. It is estimated that a third of this housing will go to immigrant and migrant families. However, my constituents are already suffering through the lack of public services such as school places, NHS dentists, hospitals and police. This of course is happening throughout the country.

During the debate yesterday, I made the Minister aware of an incident in Northampton which sums up the failure of Government inaction towards illegal immigration.

Mr. Peter Bone (Wellingborough) (Con): ‘Is the Minister aware of something that happened in Northampton a few weeks ago? A lorry driver discovered people trying to get into the country illegally in the back of his lorry. That was reported to the police, but all that happened was that they were told to get on a train and go to Croydon. Is that an example of the Government controlling illegal immigration?’

Mr. Byrne: ‘That practice is unacceptable, and it is precisely why we are now putting together agreements with police forces up and down the country….’

Just words again from a government still rife with spin. There is only one Party that can sort out the terrible mess of uncontrolled immigration and that is the Conservatives.


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