Whatever happened to individual responsibility – by Brian Binley MP

portrait-brianbinley-21.jpgIs Peter Hain guilty of wrong doing?  Of course he is. 

Should the buck stop with him?  Of course it should.

Should Ministers take responsibility for the organisations under their control? Of course they should.

And therein lies one of the problems of the whole last ten years of this Labour Government.  Honour seems not to count, lying is called spin, the prime concern of most Ministers seems to be self and not the recognition that management responsibility is more than just about identifying a problem, throwing money at it and setting targets lies at the root of their difficulties.

As a businessman you would have to accept all of the responsibilities, which Labour Government Ministers seem to be culturally unable or unwilling to accept.

But most of all most businessman know that once you had made a given decision the necessity of policing and monitoring the process thereafter to ensure that protocols were properly followed and objectives achieved in an ethical and efficient manner at all levels within the organisation were vital.

But we shouldn’t be surprised.  The House of Commons library has stated only 7% of Labour members have had real business experience and anyway, Blair set the example and you wouldn’t trust him would you?


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