Its time for Brown to come clean – by Brian Binley MP

portrait-brianbinley-22.jpgRumours are circulating in Westminster with regard to Mr Stephen Carter’s involvement not only with the Prime Minister’s general public statements but specifically in the Government’s policy surrounding Northern Rock. There are also fears that he retains some interest in his previous company Brunswick, which might impact on his impartiality.

“The whole area of special advisers has become a very murky world indeed and mirrors the Government’s handling of Northern Rock and the two problems merge in the person of the PR man Mr Carter and hark back to the very worst days of Alistair Campbell. The Government needs to be totally transparent on the issue but sadly that transparency was not apparent in Prime Minister’s Question Time today.

“The Prime Minister refused to give a clear vision of the future of Northern Rock although it is well-known that Mr Ron Sandler has been chosen to lead Northern Rock in the event of nationalisation.  The interconnections become more bewildering than a John Le Carre spy novel.  Are there any connections between Brunswick and Mr Sandler?  What discussions have been held between Mr Carter, Mr Sandler and the Prime Minister’s office? 

“Questions need to be answered but we need to get a more honest response from the Prime Minister than he was willing to give to David Cameron at Prime Minister’s Question Time today”


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