Edward Leigh MP challenges Brown on Iraq at PMQs

portrait-edwardleigh1.jpgLeigh: What was the point of invading Iraq, which led to the deaths of 150,000 Iraqis, just to hand over Basra to militant Shi’a militias while the army is holed up in the airport?

Brown: Violence in Basra has gone down by 90 per cent. over the past few months. Our troops there are doing a great job in training the Iraqi army’s security forces and the Iraqi police. It is wrong for the hon. Gentleman to diminish the effect of building economic prosperity in the Basra area. As for invading Iraq in the first place, Saddam Hussein had offended UN resolutions and the international community for more than a decade.

Edward Leigh comments: The main reason violence has gone down by 90 per cent is that the Shia militias, who refuse to accept the UN-mandated peace-keeping presence of our troops in Basra, are no longer able to inflict attacks on them while they stay confined within the fortified airport. But clearly, the militias rule the roost.

So, overall, violence may have gone down for the time being – but then so did it in the East End of London under the Kray Twins’ regime in the 1960s.

Is that the legacy of ‘security’ we want to leave behind us?


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