Let’s take back our streets – by Brian Binley MP

portrait-brianbinley-23.jpgFeral youths are terrorising our communities and the death of the father of three children viciously murdered by three out of control thugs proves the point.

And to make it worst the eldest was released on bail against police wishes only hours before the attack.

The Judge, who convicted the thugs, blamed Ministers for creating a legal system that puts the rights of criminals before their responsibilities to society.

People are being bailed who should remain locked up.

Pressure is being put on magistrates and judges to be lenient because of lack of prison places.

Police are underfunded and the Government doesn’t want to pay them the going rate.

Teachers are increasingly denied the ability to exercise discipline and ‘Break Down Britain’ is the order of the day.

So much for almost 11 years of a Labour Government.

David Cameron is now talking about those issues in a forceful, creative and meaningful way which is increasingly resonating with my constituents.

Cornerstone is vindicated not least when The Mirror calls us the loony right.  We really must be winning – and doesn’t that lift the spirits.


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