Welcome to our Brave New Anti-Christian World – by Edward Leigh MP

portrait-edwardleigh5.jpgIn Aldous Huxley’s 1932 novel Brave New World, which is set in 2579 AD, natural reproduction has been completely replaced by the test-tube version; poverty has been eliminated and everyone is always ‘happy’ due to government-provided entertainment. But the price of these ‘blessings’ is the destruction of, among other things, the family, culture, art, literature, religion and philosophy. The society described is hedonistic, sexually promiscuous and people regularly take ‘soma’, a hallucinatory drug, for pleasure. Stability is maintained through a rigidly controlled social stratification; there is zero social mobility.

Does that remind you of anywhere you know?

Almost every day, the news reinforces the impression that we are living in an increasingly anti-Christian society. In spite of the former Prime Minister’s professed Christianity, the Government has been happy to act as a cheer-leader for this tendency.

As Labour’s John Cruddas said last summer, his party has become ‘too authoritarian’ in its intolerance of religious principles. At a meeting of the Christian Socialist Movement, he said Labour had been infected by the ‘overt kind of secularism that even questions the ability of elements of the faith community contributing to forums of public policy debate, or questions the value of or contribution of religious groups to society.’

Witness the following examples:

The morning-after pill is now being given out routinely (by 84 per cent of NHS primary care trusts) to 12-year-old girls; without parental consent – though how many parents would consent, in any case?  One cannot but agree with Norman Wells of the Family & Education Trust, when he says: ‘This is sending out all the wrong messages, giving the impression that there is nothing wrong with sex at any age, and enables girls to rely on drugs to deal with the consequences of their actions.’

  • Family doctors, we learn, will soon be allowed to abort children in their surgeries. The Government is currently giving this practice a trial run at two hospitals whose names are being kept secret to avoid disruption by protesters. They are performing drug-induced abortions in ‘non-traditional settings’. What a grim irony that the word ‘traditional’ should be used in this context! According to a report in the Times, the scheme could extend to surgical abortions. How comfortable would many people be visiting their GP if they knew this was going on?

As fellow Cornerstone member Bob Spink has said, to initiate such proceedings before Parliament has had the chance to debate the Abortion Act shows the Government’s ‘new level of arrogance’ and ‘makes a mockery of the term “family doctor”‘.

  • And what of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, now passing through the Lords, and due to hit the House of Commons some time next month? This proposes, among other alarming provisions:
  • The manufacture of children – so-called ‘saviour siblings’, simply to be used for the production of ‘spare parts’ – i.e. parts of organs.
  • The statement on a birth certificate that one half of a lesbian couple is the ‘father’ of a child borne by the other half from donated sperm – the ultimate goal of extreme feminists.
  • That the child would have no right or ability to know who his real father was until he reached the age of 18.
  • The creation of animal-human hybrids for experimental purposes.
  • It’s also a racing certainty that the pro-abortionists, led by Evan Harris (the ‘Prince of Darkness’, as he likes amusingly to be called), will use the opportunities in the Bill for trying to further liberalise our laws on abortion: e.g. by extending the Abortion act to Northern Ireland;
  • Removing the need for two doctors to sign permissions for abortions;
  • Permitting midwives and nurses to abort children.

More on these issues tomorrow.


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