More on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill – by Edward Leigh MP

portrait-edwardleigh6.jpgAs David Alton has pointed out, we should not be discouraged by those who try to blind us with the complex science of this Bill; the moral issues it raises are perfectly simple. Furthermore, the strongest justification for destructive embryo experiments – that they were the likeliest way to find cures for several serious diseases – has now been comprehensively destroyed by the work of Professor Shinya Yamanaka in Japan and Professor James Thomson in America. They have converted adult skin cells into cells resembling  embryonic stem cells in their flexibility. So there is no longer any ‘need’ to experiment on embryos. And adult stem cells are already producing effective treatments – over 70 to date.

In the person of Lord Hunt in 2001 (he was then Health Minister), the Government said: ‘The 1990 Act…provides the answer to…what happens if and when research into adult stem ells overtakes research using embryos: embryonic research would have to stop because the use of embryos would no longer be necessary for that research.’

More than 2 million destroyed embryos later, that happy day has arrived.

Let us hold the Government to its word.

And even the Chief Medical Officer has said of animal-human hybrids: ‘there is no clear scientific argument as to why you would want to do it, and, secondly, a feeling that this would be a step too far as far as the public are concerned’…

One might have thought that the secularisers who dominate the Government would be sated enough with their violations to date of Christian principles, such as:

  • Abolition of the married couples’ tax allowance
  • Diversion of funds form groups supporting marriage to those who favour an ‘anything goes’ approach to relationships
  • Its targeting of benefits irrespective of family structure
  • Its seeking (in the Mental Capacity Bill) to legalise euthanasia by omission
  • Its legalisation of adoption by unmarried couples (straight and gay)

Taken together, do not all these actions amount to evidence of an aggressively secularising agenda, informed by assumptions necessarily inimical to all that Christians – and people of other mainstream faiths – have held dear?

But ultimately the appetite for destruction of our Christian heritage of morals, culture and spirituality is literally insatiable.

Perhaps those who support such moves agree with the Russian anarchist Bakunin when he said ‘the urge for destruction is also a creative urge.’


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