A Thought from the M1 – by Peter Bone MP

portrait-bone.jpgDriving down the M1 on Sunday night on my way to Westminster I was reflecting on the weekend gone by. Oh and before you start, my car is bio fuel and so I am apparently saving the planet and not destroying it.  Interesting that Wellingborough has only one of nineteen bio fuel pumps in the country.  You would think that if the government were serious about Global Warming, they would provide some fiscal incentive to encourage its use.

I had just stopped at the M&S at the Toddington motorway services to stock up with bread, milk, ham and fruit for the week ahead.  M&S on the service station is about the only good thing you can say about them – still, back to my thoughts.  

That morning, my wife Jennie and seven year old son Thomas were attending the Civic Service at Wellingborough School, nothing unusual to say about that as the previous weekend it had been the Holocaust Memorial Day service plus the homeless awareness service at the Full Gospel Church in Rushden. 

Anyway, back to the service.  We had a particularly good sermon from the school chaplain and we were mid way through prayers, you know praying for the government (they certainly need it), local councillors and other civic leaders, when suddenly out of the blue, we were praying for our other son Alex who at that very moment was flying off to Afghanistan as an RAF pilot.  I could see my wife’s eyes glistening and a mixture of pride and foreboding came over me. 

Isn’t it weird that our newspapers on Sunday were not full of information about the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq, but about an MP that allegedly fiddled his expenses? 

Got to stop now, as I need to ring a constituent who is about to be made homeless…


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