Oh calamity! by Brian Binley MP

portrait-brianbinley-23.jpgI broke the law on Friday and again on Sunday. Well that’s not quite true. The law I refer to does not come into effect until next Sunday. But be assured that I will break the law again.

And what is this law which motivates such potential and laudable martyrdom? Addressing the girl behind the bar in my local village pub, ‘The White Hart,’ as ‘luv’ or ‘darling.’ Actually my favourite term of affection is ‘angel’ but you know what I mean.

And where did this stupidity emanate? From the bowels of the EU of course and I use the term ‘bowels’ advisedly.

From next Sunday landlords will have a duty to enforce and monitor this ridiculous new regulation by doing all they can to ensure that their customers do not run the risk of insulting their female staff by using such inflammatory language.

What will this nonsense achieve?

It will undermine the use of age old pleasantries, give those looking to make trouble more ammunition, but more importantly will place an additional burden of some £10 million per year on small businesses to perform and regulate this little piece of pantomime.

When will this Government undertake its promise to cut regulation? When will it find the courage to say no to the EU?

After all – what can they do? Invade us?


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