The 20 Weeks Campaign – by Nadine Dorries MP

“Antediluvian” That’s how John Bercow, the Conservative Member for Buckingham described members, (inc me) who wants to reform the abortion law. He also used words such as prejudiced.

Antediluvian isn’t a word you hear much on the housing estates across Britain, so I had to ask what it meant. Before a flood apparently.

So, I’m an antediluvian, as is David Cameron and the majority of the Conservative Party. Three quarters of all women across the UK, two thirds of doctors and leading Professors such as Stuart Campbell, John Wyatt, Sunny Anand and Dr Vincent Argent, consultant gynaecologist and former Medical Director of BPAS are all antediluvian.

This description also includes Parliaments across Europe, as most of the countries in the EU have a cut off date of twelve weeks.

France 12, Germany 12, Italy 12, Belgium 12, Bulgaria 12, Denmark 12, Czech Republic 12, Greece 12, Hungary 12, Luxembourg 12, the Netherlands 13, Poland 12, Slovakia 12 and Sweden, the most liberal, 18.

All faiths, including Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus and Christians are all antediluvian.

But of course, John Bercow must be right and I believe that maybe the three quarters of women across Britain are grateful to him for being there to point out the error of their judgment.

I have never written or spoken of the main reason why I want to reduce to 20 weeks, but I am now.

Women further on in pregnancy than 16 weeks used to be injected with a chemical, Prostoglandin. This used to induce spontaneous labour and the foetus would be delivered still born.

Unfortunately, in the later abortions at 21 weeks onwards, a baby sometimes struggled for life, an event I personally witnessed.

As neo-natal services improved, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) put out guidelines which state that from 19 weeks of pregnancy onwards the baby needs to be – and I can’t think of a gentler way of saying this – put to death in the womb before it is delivered, in case it lives. A procedure known as foeticide.

Late surgical abortions mean that a baby is dismembered in the womb, and removed limb by limb, head often last.

Professor Anand, incredibly well respected and acknowledged as the world’s leading expert in foetal pain, believes that a foetus feels pain as low as 18 weeks gestation. Before the dismembering takes place, the baby is injected with a lethal injection of Potassium into its heart, via the mother’s abdominal wall. I will leave it to you to imagine how much distress and pain this may cause the baby.

Even when I pressed Dr Vincent Argent, the consultant gynaecologist and a practicing abortionist who supports my amendment to explain in detail the procedure, he was uncomfortable and wouldn’t go into detail.

So, on the one hand the pro-abortionists argue that a baby can’t live below 22 weeks, and on the other they deploy ‘just in case’ techniques.

I suppose if wanting to come in line with other European countries and end such a barbaric and inhumane practice is antediluvian, I can only wonder what word applies to wanting to continue with such practices within the context of a civilised society.

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