Gordon Brown needs the Unions financial support and of course the Unions are demanding a price.

So what does he do??

He tries to look hard by rejecting their demands to reintroduce secondary picketing rights but says he will push ahead with more family friendly flexible working practices.  Sounds good when you first read it but you only have to dig a little deeper to recognise that it could well include more rights for parents to take time off to look after sick children or to help them during exam time, and both could apply to children up to the age of 16.

Now, I am all for parents properly looking after children in case of real sickness but as an employer, I can tell you it will be abused enormously.  As for time off to support children doing exams, surely there are other ways support can be given by parents without neglecting their jobs. 

You wouldn’t think we faced a massive global challenge but the real concern is that small business will be made to suffer in order to appease Labour’s paymasters.  Big of you Gordon!

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