Sarah Palin, “putting the Government back on the side of the people” – by Edward Leigh MP

Westminster politics had left me feeling a little jaded as the summer recess came upon us.

Then the other day I watched Sarah Palin’s address to the Republican National Convention, accepting her nomination as running-mate to John McCain.

Now I feel absolutely reinvigorated.

Palin’s heartfelt defiance of the East Coast liberal elite and its media cheerleaders will resonate with many voters in this country.

With fierce pride she stood up for ordinary “small-town” people.

Millions of them in Britain are yearning for relief from the expensive burden of Labour’s big-government approach.

Palin’s desire to “put the government … back on the side of the people” was clearly spoken with utter conviction. 

Her record of cost-cutting during her time as Governor of Alaska bears this out.

And her celebration of her marriage and family – while admitting that it “has the same ups and downs as any other” – was heartening.

She spoke movingly of her Down’s syndrome son – ” a perfectly beautiful baby boy”; in Britain doctors pressurise women to abort such children. But as a Christian pro-lifer she would never consider doing so, any more than her teenage daughter will abort her grandchild.

If she was a British politician, she’d clearly be a natural member of Cornerstone!


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