Peter Bone MP comments on the launch of Reform’s latest policy paper

‘Reform, the independent, non-party think tank has added hugely to the debate on the future of health care in this country by launching its policy document ‘Making the NHS the best Insurance Policy in the World’

I am in no doubt that an insurance based health system would dramatically improve health care for patients in this country. My original pamphlet ‘Just three letters: A case for reform of the NHS’ strongly supported the insurance based scheme. My recent publication ‘The NHS at 60′ was an attempt to create the framework for an insurance based system at a later stage. It argued that by having a hypothecated tax for health and using the National Insurance Contributions as the only way of funding it, there would be much more transparency to tax payers on how much the NHS is costing. Unfortunately, the Leadership of all three political parties seem set against this although in my opinion people in this country are way ahead of the political leadership in recognising that a nationalised, state funded monopoly healthcare system is doomed to failure.’

To view the report please click here.


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