Today In The House – by Nadine Dorries MP

nadine_dorries_mp_black_and_white11Madeleine Moon the Labour MP for Bridgend, raised a very important issue in the House today – the answer she received from her own Minister was less than satisfactory.

She asked the Government to join with her, in her own revulsion and condemnation regarding the 13 year old girl in Somalia, who was gang raped and then stoned to death by the authorities for having allowed it to happen.

I suspect Madeline was less than happy with the reply, which included the word ‘but’ .
“But it was in a lawless area” is no answer from a Government which flirts with Sharia law.
“But the agencies can’t get into that area” was also a cop out.
Outrage, condemnation, a declaration of this Government’s support for Christian values and democracy and a vilification of the law under which the stoning took place, is what was required, nothing less.

However, a poor 13 year old child received from our government a solitary “but” and a half hearted apology.

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