So POCA has been saved. What a surprise – By Brian Binley MP

portrait-brianbinley-2After months of pressure from hundreds of thousands of people up and down the country, thousands of sub-postmasters, hundreds of organisations and the total membership of the DBERR Select Committee, the Government has given in to pressure and announced that it will reward the contract to the Post Office… so said James Purnell at lunch time today in a statement to the House of Commons.

Now, whilst I am pleased with the outcome, I am horrified with the government’s approach to this problem.  In truth, they could have saved everybody a lot of bother and announced they were awarding the contract from 2010 to the Post Office from the beginning.  However, we were told they had a legal responsibility to put it out to tender. 

So what did James Purnell say when asked what legal advice he has received now that is different from the advice he received then? He didn’t answer – of course!

What was his response when asked why they went ahead with the process in the first place?  He didn’t answer – of course. 

What was his response when asked how much the whole futile process had cost?  He didn’t answer – of course.

He did, however, announce to our surprise that the functionality of the card would be increased.  Yet, when I asked him how? He didn’t know – of course. 

Just another day in Parliament witnessing the inefficiencies of this most awful of Governments.

A good day for the post office, which pleases me, but another sad day for our awful Government.


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