The Damian Green arrest – a case of inverted snobbery by our politically correct police? By Edward Leigh MP

portrait-edwardleighThe Home Secretary said in defence of the decision by counter-terrorist police to arrest Damian Green that “no one is above the law”. Indeed not. But, by all accounts, there was no basis for suspecting that Damian had broken any law that threatens any member of the public – if indeed he had broken any law at all.

The police appear to be out of control. They are very politically correct, cracking down on Christian pastors for quoting certain verses from the Bible, but often bending over backwards to elevate the rights of genuine criminals above those of their victims.

In the light of Damian’s arrest, the current police interpretation of the principle that “no one is above the law” looks like a weird form of inverted snobbery.

Indeed some police seem all too ready to pick on an MP either just because he is an MP, or because he embarrasses the politically correct view on immigration of their politically correct masters.


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