When a government places its party interest above all other considerations – get scared! By Brian Binley MP

portrait-brianbinley-22In all my 49 years as an office holder in the Conservative Party I have never known a Government in this country subvert the organs of state to the wellbeing and objectives of a given party as this Government has.

It all started when Blair brought together the terrible twins, Campbell and Mandelson, and thereafter announced he wanted to get rid of conservatism.

It’s not as though liberal permissiveness had served the nation well – he just didn’t like Conservatives – and it has gone downhill since then.

They infiltrated the higher echelons of the Civil Service with political appointees.

Potential senior police officers, all seemingly from the same woolly liberal mould, were recruited from universities and fast tracked through the ranks, undertaking little real policing on the way.

Local government finance was shamelessly shifted to mainly Labour areas.

Government employment in a number of marginal Labour seats was ramped up for party political purposes, and now Campbell and Mandelson are back with a vengeance, as proved by the attempt to seriously discredit George Osborne. And who would argue that they were not also involved in the disgraceful affair surrounding Damien Green’s arrest.

Be warned. We face the dirtiest election campaign we have ever fought, organised by the most unscrupulous backroom boys who have ever besmirched the British political scene. And all because Labour knows it knows best.

Sadly fairness, honesty and decency will be the victims.


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