Sir Cliff: a shining example for Christians in public life – by Edward Leigh MP

portrait-edwardleigh4There were two depressing items of news over the weekend. First Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor said that increasingly there is an antagonistic public reaction against Christians.

Second, the Oxford Junior Dictionary’s latest edition excises numerous traditional words, not only those to do with religion – such as ‘altar’ and ‘saint’ – but also ‘monarch’ and ’empire’, and even the names of many well-known British plants.

A spokesman came up with the usual excuse from our dominant liberal establishment that we now live in a ‘multicultural society’, etc.

But this is our heritage.

And it is Christianity that has made our country for the most part such a well-run, peaceful and liberal place that people want to come here in great numbers as immigrants.

Yet some people seem intent on destroying our history.

But there was one good moment on the BBC. Sir Cliff Richard celebrated 50 years as a pop star on Songs of Praise. He has shown enormous courage on a difficult stage in proclaiming his Christianity. He could have kept quiet about it. He has not. His charm, modesty and quiet integrity are a model. More leading public figures need to be less shy about their religious beliefs.

We salute him.


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