Government to punish small business further – by Brian Binley MP

falling_dominosed1And they say they don’t treat business with distain! So why introduce a further tax to hit small businesses at a time when companies are struggling simply because the Labour Government doesn’t understand business culture and only sees the sector as a milch cow.

We are already seeing a frightening deterioration in the economy and small businesses are falling like dominoes. And that is not just my view. You only have to read the reports of the small business trade groups to show that confidence is at its lowest level since records began. The British Chambers of Commerce last week described the situation as “awful” and the worst since they started their surveys in 1989.

Time and again I have asked the Government how they monitor their previously, much publicised actions to get credit moving again. Time and again we receive fine words but no real insight into effective action. And what do we now get? A Bill which actually gives local government, one of the most inefficient organisations in the country, the right to extort further taxes from the small business sector, which includes some of the most efficient organisations in the nation. What a time to add to their burden! You couldn’t make it up!


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