Argentineans call popular Tory MP a ‘pirate’ – by the Editor

portrait-brianbinley-2Following a visit to the Falkland Islands Northampton MP Brian Binley has been accused of being a ‘pirate and a ‘fascist’ by Argentina.

Brian Binley who was visiting the islands as part of a parliamentary fact finding visit, had previously expressed his concerns about the actions of the Argentinean Government and called on them to be ‘good neighbours’.

He told a group of Falkland Islanders, “We are neighbours in an important area of the South Atlantic,” and “if their government were to put aside their ill-conceived claims and work peacefully in harmony with the United Kingdom, we would be able to develop partnerships that were in the interests of the people of both nations including the Falkland Islanders.”

But Brian Binley’s words have caused a wave of protest from fanatical Argentineans who still claim the Islands for themselves.  

After returning to the UK, Brian Binley found himself inundated with emails from them calling him a ‘pirate’ and a ‘fascist’

In response Brian Binley has urged them to read the history of the Falklands, which makes the point that Argentina’s major claim to the Falkland Islands is based on a Papal Bull issued in the 15th Century which effectively split up the world between Spain and Portugal. 

However almost as soon as this document was published it was ignored and has for centuries had no relevance in either international law, or in determining the sovereignty of nation states.

He said, “It is worth noting that Argentina has never had any residency claims to the Falkland Islands in their long history except for the failed invasion of 1982.”

“Despite that piece of history, it is vital for the Argentineans to co-operate and be good neighbours. Un-helpful comments in response to my call for good neigbourlyness can only harm the interests of Falkland Islanders and Argentina itself for there is nothing more harmful and debilitating than neighbours that do not get on.”


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