Brian Binley M.P. hits out at Brown’s shameful record!

portrait-brianbinley-21A good businessman will tell you that the first thing they do when faced with a serious problem is to consider their own actions in the build up to that problem.  In other words if something goes wrong, check your own shortcomings first.  The truth is if you are in denial about your own performance, you have very little chance of correcting the problem. 

Sadly, our own Prime Minister is in denial.

He has presided over the selling of our gold at rock bottom prices; he has allowed personal borrowing to rise without a thought of the future; destroyed the best private pension system in Europe, placed £66 billion of extra regulatory cost onto British business and he forbade the regulators from doing their job. 

To top it all, he said that he’d done away with ‘bust.’  He clearly refuses to accept any responsibility and that is denial on a massive, almost medically treatable scale.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has had the decency to recognise the government’s failings.

The British people now demand that P.M. does the same, but I doubt he has got the bottle.


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