Christ lives in Jade Goody – by Edward Leigh MP

PD*26719599Towards the end of a short life lived latterly in the dazzle of the media, from her beginning as a star of ‘reality TV show’ Big Brother, the true reality of Christ’s love has recently been embraced by Jade Goody.
After the artificial set-up of the Big Brother world, the tabloid fascination with her life and her dedicated self-promotion, including launching her own brand of scent, she was struck down by cancer. Initially asking to be killed, but changing her mind, she then said that the joy she felt on her wedding-day was well-worth staying alive for.
Her change of mind is another example of the many arguments against euthanasia and so-called ‘assisted suicide’.
And last weekend she chose, after reading the Bible for some time, to be baptised as a Christian.
I hope her example can demonstrate that Christ’s merciful love can reach into anybody’s life at any time. We often see that this can happen all the more readily when people are facing death.
Jade Goody might make her own the words of St Paul:
‘I hang upon the Cross with Christ; yet not “I live” but Christ lives in me.’
I salute her courage and her faith.


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