WELCOME HOME BOYS!!! – by Brian Binley MP

royalanglianhomecoming1So, courageous British soldiers who lost 12 of their comrades in Afghanistan and Iraq were insulted by a group of fanatics who think they have the right to join our club and then establish their own rules.

And the Archbishop of Canterbury talks about introducing Sharia Law in the UK!

More frighteningly, this government has for 12 years pursued an open door immigration policy to help sustain a record of growth which has fuelled this fanaticism. 

When are we going to get real?  Freedom carries with it responsibilities.   Reward carries with it a pay-back. 

I will fight to ensure that law-abiding British citizens, of whatever colour or religious conviction are fully integrated and receive all the benefits citizenship bestows but I expect them to respect the responsibility it demands and recognise those British values which lay at the heart of our society. 

One assumes they and their parents or grandparents came to this country to enjoy those benefits and the vast majority clearly accept the responsibilities that go with it.  The fanatics who don’t should get out!


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