Spycatcher – by Nadine Dorries MP

nadine_dorries_mp_black_and_white1I am slightly irritated that a Conservative MP live blogged on his or her phone from our private meeting with David Cameron yesterday, as reported on the Spectator Coffee House blog.

It’s a sad, sad situation. Sad because it shows a distinct lack of solidarity with the rest of the team. Sad because whoever it was is obviously far more concerned with raising his or her profile than holding this impotent, useless Government to account.

It reflects badly on the rest of us who blog with integrity. This person must be a real Billy no mates if he or she needs so desperately to curry favour with journalists and would betray the trust of their colleagues.

Stupid thing to do because the Chief will most likely track him down and kill him. Probably with his bare hands.

Maybe he should say sorry. As Elton John would say, always the hardest word.


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