Our kids know that our society is broken, so why doesn’t Brown? by Brian Binley MP

swing-emptyWhat a sad world we live in when parents have become so petrified about their children’s safety that nine out of ten children do not play outside! 

Mums and dads are worried about the rise of teen gangs, youth crime, yobbish behaviour, and most of all fear that their child will be abducted from the streets.

But Gordon Brown says that Britain isn’t broken!   

Year on year, we have seen an unprecedented rise in the number of prisoners released early from prison; punishments do not fit the crime and knife crime is on the up.

And today, around 50,000 children belong in a gang.  

The tragedy of the matter is that a staggering 81% of those children surveyed wanted more freedom to just go outside and play.

If this is a society that isn’t broken, then the world has gone mad!


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