It’s time for Brown to come clean on debt – by Brian Binley MP

broken_piggy_bankWhy won’t they tell the truth?  This government has stolen from our children and grandchildren by creating obligations of some £4.5 trillion which will take many years to pay off and will hamper Britain’s economic recovery enormously. 

Why won’t they tell the truth?  By explaining that ‘quantative easing’ or to use a more historic analogy, ‘coin clipping’, will simply create inflation which is another way of stealing from the future to pay for the profligacy of the last eleven years. 

Why won’t they tell the truth?  By admitting that the only way out of the present difficulties in the long term is to spend less and borrow less?  And the sooner they get on with it, the better!

This Prime Minister is not only thieving from our grandchildren, but is avoiding the truth now.  But what do you expect from a politician who had the gall to tell us that he done away with bust and now refuses to recognise his own involvement in creating a worse economic situation than might have been the case.

That surely is denial on a medically treatable scale.


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