The Demise of McBride – by Nadine Dorries MP

nadine_dorries_mp_black_and_white1Really didn’t expect to be charging all over the country today, however, I have been.

I also didn’t expect to be one of the four people that Damian McBride had slandered in the email, but I am.

The email accusations regarding myself are 100% not true. They are slanderous and therefore libellous. Damian McBride is the political and press adviser to Gordon Brown. He is his right hand man and has been since the Treasury days.

He is paid for by the tax payer, Downing St dismissed the emails as a ‘joke’ this morning.

I don’t regard the tax payer’s money as a joke. I also don’t regard the fact that Damian McBride, who takes his instruction from and reports directly to the PM, attempted to destroy my reputation, career and my life as a joke either.

I want an apology from Gordon Brown. I want Damian Mc Bride’s desk cleared. I would also like to know how Gordon Brown would feel if CCHQ wrote such disgusting lies about his wife, Sarah Brown.

How desperate is the PM to hold onto power that the office of Downing St would sink this low.

Have done BBC 6pm News and PM.

Have done all the Sunday papers for tomorrow, except for Sunday Times and The News Of The World. Funny that, they are the two papers which I have been told have the emails. What do you bet my phone starts going at about 5pm?

(First posted Saturday 11th April)


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