Letter is no apology – by Nadine Dorries MP

nadine_dorries_mp_black_and_white11I’m writing this with my hand written letter of apology from the Prime Minister, in front of me.

I keep reading it.

It arrived with a copy of the letter the PM has written to the Cabinet Minister,  Gus O’Donnell asking him to revise the Code of Conduct for special advisers.

That letter is type written.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with the existing code, however, claiming it was the ‘code’ which allowed the events of the last few days to take place does provide the PM with greater distance. It also provides the loophole by which to claim an apology was necessary.

Kind of, “not me gov. If the code had been clearer the special adviser wouldn’t have messed up. It was the code wot did it”.

The more I read the letter the more I realise I’m looking at spin on paper.

This letter is about saving Tom Watson’s skin.

Tonight, John Prescott has called for Draper to be sacked.

The Prime Minister has few people he can trust; Watson is reportedly one of them. Watson is also a great facilitator. The go between people like Draper, Mc Bride and the PM and MPs. All seeing, all hearing.

If Watson went one could assume it would be a huge personal blow to the Prime Minister as he will have lost his right and left hand men in the space of days.

The Prime Minister can state he didn’t know what was happening and we can choose whether or not to believe him. However, who would believe that the Cabinet Minister, Tom Watson, whose desk was right next door to Damian McBride’s, and who was I have been told, mentioned in the emails, didn’t know?

I think the heat in the kitchen may have been getting a bit hot for Tom Watson. A compulsive blogger and twitterer, he’s not been heard of or seen for days.

Something is afoot. I have no idea what but my female intuition tells me that this is a story which isn’t going to go away and could be running for a few days yet.

First posted Monday, 13 April 2009


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