The traditional family is disappearing – by Brian Binley MP

pollardIain Duncan Smith has been telling us for some time.  The traditional British family structure is in decay and is facing extinction.  Liberal permissiveness has wrecked havoc with our society and the results are there for all to see.

The recently published Social Trends report states that single parent households have nearly tripled from 4% in 1971 to 11% in 2008.  The percentage of traditional nuclear family households had fallen by 52% to 36% over the same period and women are more likely to give birth by the time they are 25 than get married.

And Iain’s massive report, ‘Breakthrough Britain’ has highlighted the connection between single parent homes, dysfunctional children and increased dependency. 

It really is time to bring back tax advantages for married couples on the basis that in general terms, two parents are better than one and married couples stick together longer than unmarried couples. 

Its not rocket science, is it?  But it’s not trendy either.  Perhaps that’s the problem!

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