For England and St George! By Brian Binley MP

stgeorge-3Poor old St George. St. David has his day, as do Saints Andrew and Patrick.

And every dog does too. But not poor old St. George.

It’s about time we did something about it.   

The Labour government admitted that in the years to 2008, not a single penny was spent on St Georges Day, but they did say that they spent £4101 on European Day.

Last year, the government spent the grand sum of £116 flying the cross of St. George. That’s progress, but we need to do more.

A previous Labour government decided to celebrate the day revered by left wing organisations throughout the world. 

So, we should simply scrap May Day, promote St. George’s Day and cease to celebrate a socilislist totem which has been stained by the blood of many who opposed totalitarian regimes.

In that way, we would be slaying a dragon in the name of St. George.

What could be more appropriate?


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