Stop messing around with our kids’ future! By Brian Binley MP

dcp_0695Here we go again!  Bureaucrats messing about with education.

The Rose Report provides for less serious grounding in the basics at Primary school level – for the very skills that all Primary school children need for later life.

Will they never learn?

Teachers often tell me that they are drowning in red tape and bureaucracy.  They are fed up with constant change and simply want to be left alone to do their job.

What is it about bureaucrats that make them think that they know better than our teachers who know what the job is all about and what is needed?

So my advice to Jim Rose and all of the other government acolytes, who think they have the answer to everything.  They should get off our teachers backs now.  Scrap your report and simply let teachers get on with the job.

Oh and by the way, if anybody’s listening, I simply want the British average spent on my children in Northamptonshire, whose funding per child is below the national average.

If you were to suggest that Sir Jim, I’d be a supporter!


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