WHAT DON’T THEY GET? – by Brian Binley MP

portrait-brianbinley-2So the city is furious at George Osborne’s “bonus war” on bankers. Yet these are the self some people who created casino banking which almost bought the country to its knees.

Don’t they get the fact that the majority of people regard massive bonuses as unacceptable?

Don’t they understand that bonuses for top people of close on a million pounds simply dismays small and medium sized business managers who cant get working capital to keep their companies going.

Don’t they realise that city workers are not rated highly in the esteem league table at present and big bonuses just add to the contempt in which they are held.

If SME employees, public sector workers and politicians are not expecting pay rises then city workers should have the decency to show similar restraint. However, their howls of anguish convince us that they don’t recognise the reality of the situation.

If that is the case then the Conservative Opposition must act and George Osborne is right to call for a clampdown.


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